Lost 68 lbs.

Meet Christy. Christy lost 68 pounds, 5% body fat, and 55 inches in just 4 months with Pearl’s proven method of fat burning and exercise techniques.

Lost 48 lbs.

“Losing 48 pounds has improved my health immensely and has enabled me to sleep through the night. Since and during Pearl’s coaching I have gone to several large family events, so I learned to bring my own allowable cake to get through each event. I can’t wait to attend the next family event and be able to enjoy my first ‘Safe Day’ piece of cake.”

Lost 97 lbs.

“As I look back on my weight loss I realize my biggest accomplishment has been to be taken off my blood pressure medicine after losing almost 100 lbs and 120 inches! I feel blessed and great to have very little pain at 74 years young! Without Pearl’s wisdom, encouragement and love I most likely would have given up. My daughter Dawn Oliu also is a great cheerleader for me. In fact, my whole family has been very supportive. I really look forward to enjoying the rest of my life!”

Lost 80 lbs.

“Thank you again for your generosity & Thoughtfulness. It’s been so exciting losing this weight I never thought I’d lose! Your guidance and encouragement has been so rewarding. You have been such a delight and blessing to work with on this journey. May it be returned in many unexpected and wonderful ways.”

Lost 45 lbs.

“Last Nov my uncle passed away suddenly. I grabbed my suit and headed out of town for his funeral. I was very embarrassed when it didn’t fit so the first thing I did when I got back was to meet with Pearl. I started the BodyWorks program the day after Thanksgiving and immediately lost 10 lbs the first week. When I completed the program I had lost nearly 45lbs, but, more importantly, my outlook on eating and living healthier changed for the better. Pearl gave me the knowledge, tools and motivation that resulted in the new me. She can do the same for you.”

Lost 73 lbs.

“Pearl’s coaching was amazing! She encouraged me even when I was discouraged. If you’re considering starting the program, I’d highly recommend it! Just stick to the plan and it will work — giving you the life and body you’ve always wanted.”