How To Be Realistic & Still Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

It’s 2017 and summer is just around the bend. There’s not much time to get that beach body all the commercials and magazine ads tell us we should have. Oh, who am I kidding. For most of us, that just isn’t realistic. And, that’s okay. Just because we may not be the ideal height or weight according to society, or don’t have a metabolism as active as a race horse, doesn’t mean we can’t set realistic goals to achieve weight loss success!

For many of us, 105 pounds soaking wet just isn’t unrealistic. It’s also foolish to believe that that’s what’s going to bring us happiness. Each of our bodies are different and require a unique approach to weight loss. But, before we can attain our ideal weight or get happy about our bodies, it’s important to be realistic about our goals!

Too many times I’ve seen people set weight loss goals that were simply too lofty at first, leading them to an inevitable let down after not achieving them. Most of the time this isn’t because the person wasn’t determined or focused. It’s usually because their goals weren’t strategically planned just for them.

Setting realistic weight loss goals is something that can certainly help boost your chances of losing weight. Ideally, a weight loss coach would work with you to help you determine exactly what goals you should be setting, and provide you with a clear path to success! When realistic weight loss goals are set, suddenly, losing weight becomes much less intimidating.

How To Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

To set realistic weight loss goals, it’s important to understand a number of key components about yourself. For instance, knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are — in regards to your eating and exercise habits — can help you create a plan that’s just right for you.

You can also work with your weight loss coach to determine when you’re likelier to eat less healthy so you can replace those meals with feasible, healthy eating options.

For instance, if you’re used to eating fast food every day because there’s that one famous burger joint right down the street from your office, simply replacing this one meal with a high-protein, low-carb meal, you can significantly increase your chances of losing weight.

The truth is, at BodyWorks Health & Wellness Center, every plan is different — just like you! These differences are the key to developing an achievable path to weight loss success. So, instead of feeling intimidated by the whole weight loss thing, it’s time to get excited! Because, our weight loss coaches will pass all the knowledge we’ve accumulated onto you so you can not only achieve your weight loss goals, but have fun doing it!