Why the Word “Diet” Doesn’t Actually Mean What You Think It Means

Let’s be real: Dieting is intimidating, am I right? Nobody really wants to diet. And, with hundreds of fad diets and “how to get fit” articles thrown at us daily, who could blame us? One could even argue that it’s really the stigma of dieting alone that makes it so intimidating and unappealing. For the longest time, I was the same way. Especially knowing the results weren’t in my favor. However, when I learned that dieting didn’t actually have to be so intimidating, and that results really were achievable, my interest in giving this whole dieting thing a shot went up and the notion of dieting became less and less intimidating.

In fact, can we all just agree on one thing for the rest of this article? Let’s not even call it “dieting.” Instead, let’s call it our Path To Weight Loss Success. Why? Because a true diet is just that: A path. And, guess what?! Your Path To Weight Loss Success doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat all that green stuff and none of the good stuff. What it does mean, however, is that to truly see tangible results, it’s going to take action.

Forget the Whole Idea of “Restrictions”

The root word ‘diet’ literally means, “what one consumes.” But, by simply adding the ending “ing”, the meaning changes from what one eats, to what one restricts themselves from eating. And therein lies the real burden. No one wants to be restricted. At least ideally. Sure, Your Path To Weight Loss Success probably means you’ll need to swap out some of those milk shakes for a protein shake, but, subtle changes in your eating habits is the best place to start.

If you think of it as a restriction, you’re going to fail. Instead, you should think of it as an option that will get you to where you want to be. The benefits of subtle eating habit changes can make a huge difference, too. Instead of ordering a double bacon cheeseburger on the way to your next meeting, pack yourself a turkey wrap with a protein bar. You’ll feel more energized and alert, which will, in turn, help to boost your metabolism.

Don’t Fight the Urges, Give In

The truth is, there’s a healthy option out there for almost all the bad foods we love to eat. Learning what those options are will give you the knowledge and insight you need to make healthier eating choices. Whether it’s the hot and savory taste of a french fry you’re craving, or the sweet sensation of a fudge brownie, there are healthier options out there! You just have to know what they are. And, the truth is, you can find all of these things at your local grocery store. Believe us, we’re experts at this sort of thing!