About BodyWorks

Our mission at Bodyworks Health & Wellness Center is to empower our clients with the tools they need to lead a healthier life enabling them to live more actively. Our clients benefit by obtaining control over their lives, increasing their overall energy, generating stronger focus and clarity all the while enjoying making healthy decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

About Pearl

As the owner of Bodyworks Health & Wellness Center for the past six years Pearl has seen her clients collectively lose over 8,000 pounds. She has personally lost 57 pounds and has maintained her weight loss over the past eight years. Pearl understands that to give fully to others, we must first take care of ourselves. It is one of the reasons she founded Bodyworks Health & Wellness Center in 2011. Pearl’s remarkable passion for sharing her knowledge (and weight loss journey) has been a major contributing factor to Bodyworks continued visibility and success.

She also lends her time to coordinating multiple events through a network called Women’s Successful Living, that assists women who have faced economic and personal challenges. Working one-on-one with individuals Pearl encourages them to set goals and journal about their struggles and successes along with emphasizing the importance to schedule time for self-care and physical activity.

Pearl has been married to her husband Charles for 29 years and is mom to son Matthew. She balances her commitment to her family, her business, and her community involvement, which includes Rotary International, Brandon Service League and the Sylvia Thomas Center, with much grace and finesse.

Her dedication in giving to others is seemingly endless as she regularly holds sponsorship contests for those who cannot afford Bodyworks weight loss programs, as well she partners with a domestic violence non-profit to mentor children in need.

Bodyworks has been voted “Best of Brandon” and “Best of Southshore” Weight Loss Clinic in the Tampa metro area (what years?). Our clients are local residents as well as leaders and executives of well-known corporations.

About It’s The Greatest Diet (ITG)

The ITG Plan used at Bodyworks provides its clients education and information on how the foods you eat react in your body, causing you to gain, retain or lose weight. By utilizing the ITG Plan, clients can lose weight and maintain the loss by shedding fat not muscle mass. Unlike other programs, our goal is to teach you how to make wise food choices rather than simply eliminating “fun” foods.