Bodyworks Health & Wellness Center’s coaching packages are designed to allow our clients various options for their needs (weekly check-ins, one-on-one individual coaching, food shopping and cooking classes). We highly customized these programs after taking the time to listen to our clients and heard what they were seeking.

Weight Loss Introductory Program

Weekly Coaching check-ins that include body measurements, food diary review, weigh-in and review of pounds and fat loss and meal replacement purchase. Program lengths vary per individual.

Weight Loss Plus

In addition to the Weight Loss Introductory Program, clients receive coaching and strategies on how to handle food choices at business meetings, while on vacation or attending weddings/special events. Individuals are provided with coping exercises to combat and face unexpected factors head on that could elevate the stress response and lead one to stray from the program.

Weight Loss Pro

You not only receive the benefits of our Introductory and Plus Programs, individuals also receive a visit to the grocery store with a coach who will help you navigate the maze of reading food labels and teach you about a typical store’s “food perimeter”.  This package also includes one cooking class for you and your friends as incentive to prepare weekly menus to allow for successful food planning (and cooking).